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Training location: Shop 1, 16-18 Kenthurst road, Dural NSW 2158.
Please call 0484 269 905 or 02 9445 1098.

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Our courses stand out as one of the select few in Australia aligning with the esteemed guidelines of the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA), a globally recognized authority setting the gold standard for excellence in eyelash extension services within the industry.

Designed to remain abreast of the ever-evolving trends in the field, our comprehensive curriculum ensures that students receive the most current knowledge and techniques. Through extensive hands-on practice, participants are equipped not only with theoretical understanding but also the practical skills essential for launching their own successful lash businesses with confidence.

In an era dominated by the influence of social media and profit-driven enterprises, the lash extensions market is saturated with individuals dubiously claiming certification. Many purported ‘lash technicians’ lack authentic training, having either self-taught or attended subpar, abbreviated courses. This widespread phenomenon compromises the integrity of the lash industry, tarnishing its reputation due to the absence of comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise in eyelash extension application.

At Lash Sanctuary, we are committed to elevating industry standards by offering thorough, all-encompassing training to individuals passionate about beauty and possessing a discerning eye for detail. Join us in making a meaningful difference by embarking on a journey toward professional excellence and distinction in the realm of lash aesthetics.

About the Trainer

Gain invaluable insights from a leading figure in the industry as you delve into the art of lash craftsmanship and business acumen. Discover the secrets behind the remarkable ascent of Regina, the visionary founder behind Lash Sanctuary, as she imparts her wealth of experience in building a thriving lash empire from humble beginnings. Learn from the best in the industry and how she has built her lash business empire from scratch!


  • Our staff are the best prove to showcase how she can teach you to create beautiful work for your clients
  • How she managed to open 2 salons in 3 years!
  • Business set-up step by step guide.
  • Take the perfect picture for your social media in enhancing your online presence and attracting a wider audience..
  • Ongoing life time support post training.

Why us?

We firmly believe that the success of a student hinges not on their innate abilities, but rather on the quality of mentorship they receive.

Steer clear of investing in hastily assembled online or abbreviated in-person training sessions that leave you adrift and uncertain about your next steps.

You may wonder why our course requires a commitment of three full days when there are shorter alternatives available. However, it’s imperative to recognize that these additional days are the linchpin to the success of your lash business and your personal confidence.

Short courses, while appealing for their brevity and affordability, often fall short in adequately preparing students. They neglect crucial aspects such as infill procedures—the cornerstone of recurring income—lash removal techniques, and fundamental business theories necessary for independent operation. Moreover, these courses frequently lag behind in incorporating the latest trends and techniques, and overcrowded classrooms hinder individualized attention and correction of mistakes.

The repercussions of such inadequacies are evident in subpar lash applications and premature lash loss, leading to dissatisfied clients and a diminishing passion and confidence in your business. Consequently, additional investments in further courses become inevitable, compounding your expenses.

Our comprehensive course is meticulously designed to surpass your expectations, equipping you with the full spectrum of skills needed to establish and flourish in your own lash enterprise.

Setting ourselves apart from traditional courses, we integrate invaluable insights gleaned from years of hands-on experience, including troubleshooting common issues and sharing lessons learned from our own missteps. We firmly believe in the altruistic nature of the learning process, and as such, we are committed to transparently sharing all our secrets with our students, withholding nothing.

Still unsure? Read our blog on how to choose the right lash academy: 

How to choose a lash academy in Australia

LOTS of hands on practice on real models & mannequins under intense supervision!

Rest assured, our course is the definitive solution for mastering the art of lash extensions. With our comprehensive training, you’ll achieve mastery without the need for further investments, eliminating the shortcomings of lesser-quality short courses.


Frequently Asked Questions

I strongly suggested against taking both courses together even if you see academies offering it out there. Simply put, it’s like teaching you how to fly before you can even walk properly.

Russian volume is an advanced technique that requires a very strong foundation in Classic extensions application. I learnt Russian volume only after a year of doing Classic lashes on clients and have become extremely fast and confident with classic lashes.

As a beginner for Classic extension, it should take you about 4 hours to apply a good quality full set. As you practice on a regualr basis over a period of months-1 year, it should be around 1.5-2hours to complete a full set of Classic.

Even so, it took me 5 hours to do a full set of Russian Volume lashes despite been experienced and confident in Classic application. The application of extensions is a form of art and we need to be responsible of the health of our clients’ natural lashes. We can charge a premium fee like some other academies to tie both courses together but it would be unethical for us to do so and it’s against our values in producing top quality students for the lash industry.

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0484 269 905 (Dural)/ 0493 504 565 (Turramurra)

Dural - Shop 1, 16-18 Kenthurst road, Dural. NSW 2158

Turramurra - Shop 3, 1390 Pacific Highway, Turramurra NSW 2158 (Next to Turramurra Plaza)

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