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Our boutiques only hire the most experienced lash & brow artists in the industry so as to maintain our high standard and reputation. We do not hire trainees like other salons do as we only want to provide the best for our beloved clients!

We understand the importance of maintaining quality of service as we grow and expand our business and that providing high quality service is what makes our clients keep coming back to us despite our services being in the higher tier as compared to many others out there.

We are more than happy for you to try out other services out there, that way you will know what you are getting is 100% worth what you’ve paid for. We are very confident that you will keep coming back for more despite the higher price tag- because you will definitely notice the difference.

To maintain quality service standard, we only shortlist very experienced lash & brow technicians who are already expert in the field, pay them well and subsequently retrain them with our in-house techniques + tips and tricks so they are even better than before and therefore maintain the standard of service for our very much important clients like yourself.

We spend months and months sieving through job applicants. Going through a series of live interview where applicants are required to perform services on live models, we will then personally check their quality of work before confirming if the applicant has met our standard of quality and suitable to work on clients.

We were so short on staff at one period of time that there  were only 2 of us for both our locations. Though there were many applicants, we rather be understaff than to take on technicians who did not meet our standard. This continued for about a year and thankfully, we found the perfect candidates!

Quality is guaranteed no matter who you get serviced by! 🙂

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Regina-Master lash & brow stylist/Trainer of eyelash extensions/Tattooist

Lash Sanctuary is founded by Regina Wang.

Just within a year of doing lashes, her talent stood out in the industry & she was very honored to be chosen as one of the Top 10 junior lash artist in the whole of Australia & New Zealand  2018 and travelled to Brisbane for Live Competition during the Brisbane Hair & Beauty Expo!
She believe there’s no limit to learning and improving one self and is always travelling all around the world to learn new/special techniques and then passing on to the team.

This is what differentiates our business from the rest in Australia!

Selena-Senior lash & brow stylist

(first joined us in 2019)

Selena has 10 years of experience (as of 2023) in lashing and stood out during her interview for her impeccable skills when it comes to isolation of the natural lashes (an extremely important step to maintain healthy lashes and neat work). She creates beautiful volume sets that is neat and clean and you will be sure to love it!

Nana-Senior lash & brow stylist

(first joined us in 2021)

Nana is a perfectionist and experienced lash stylist who had her training done in Japan where standards are extremely high and stringent. She is extremely delicate and her sets are meticulous with a focus on lash health.

She was extremely surprised by the amount of botched eyelash extensions jobs she seen in Australia as the beauty industry in Australia is not regulated.

We are very honoured to have her here in our team!


Sienna-Senior lash & brow stylist

(first joined us in 2023)

Sienna is our Senior lash stylist from Australia and she had worked with couple of salons before joining us. She cares a lot about clients’ lash health and really work carefully to isolate those lashes one by one so they are strictly individually applied.

We retrained her on our secret technique to providing long-lasting extensions + more comfortable application + prettier/wispier + longer lasting lash lifts and our regulars are now loving her work!

Beautiful lashes start today!

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